Chattanooga Opera has always brought world renown singers to the Tivoli and Opera is an art that really needs to be seen live, it can touch your soul.  This season’s productions included “Orfeo ed Euridice” and in 1100 AD, “The Marriage of Figaro” in 1780 and “Rigoletto” in 1600.   The beauty of theses projects have been possible because of TiGi Bed Head.  You have been my inspiration, to my Art and I thank you.


News in the workplace: 

 This Opera has also set up an exchange of education and work program. This program has been two years in the making. The program has become possible because of the hard work of the Chattanooga Opera staff and TiGi Bed Head products.  Cosmetology schools have been introduced to a new medium of Hair and Make-up. The response to the classes has been amazing! Not only are classes in a technical format of the Opera, they have created a work program in the Tivoli Theatre. 


The students receive hours for school participating on our Opera Team. They have had the opportunity of hands-on experience working with human hair wigs and building styles from the 1100 AD to present day, even applying Opera style Make-up, an art that started in Italy around the year 1600.  The TiGi Bed Head product has opened the eyes of cosmetologist to the world of Opera. This has given them a new outlet for there Art and by this, it has kept there fire of inspiration burning.

    Thanks TiGi Bed Head for supporting “The Art of Opera” and the Tivoli Theatre, one of the most beautiful Opera Theatre in Tennessee.

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